A Little About Me:
My name is Charles Johnson and I am from a city with some of the strangest weather--Houston, Texas. I'm a 3D animator who has worked in games and television. View more of my work by clicking 
"ARTWORK & ANIMATION" above. You can also see my resume by clicking the button below.
The video below is a locomotion demo of me using the Azri rig in Unreal Engine 5.3. All animations were created in Maya by me.  I started this project because I was recently laid off due to studio closure. Since Calypte was very new (barely a year) when it closed, there wasn't much I could showcase. However, I still learned new skills such as setting up animation blend spaces and building character and animation blueprints. So I decided to take the Azri rig and apply my new knowledge.  Over time, I will continue to update the project as I learn new things and refine my animations.
Below is a brief update to the previous Azri UE5 Project video. This video goes over the changes I made to the anim graph and a level sequence that I added.  The next goal is to do another pass on the locomotion animations and polish them up more.
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