A Little About Me:
My name is Charles Johnson and I am from a city with some of the strangest weather--Houston, Texas. I'm a 3D animator who has worked in games and television. View more of my work by clicking 
"ARTWORK & ANIMATION" above. You can also see my resume by clicking the button below.
Azri UE5 Project
The video below shows my most recent update on using the Azri rig in Unreal Engine 5.3. All animations were created in Maya by me.  I started this project because I was recently laid off due to studio closure. Since Calypte was very new (barely a year) when it closed, there wasn't much I could showcase. However, I still learned new skills such as setting up animation blend spaces and building character and animation blueprints. So I decided to take the Azri rig and apply my new knowledge.  Over time, I will continue to update the project as I learn new things and refine my animations.  You will find an entire list of previous updates in the "ARTWORK & ANIMATION" section above​​​​​.
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